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Art Galvanizing started in 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio using an old brick making facility. The founder wanted to build the business based on hard work, high quality, and top notch service to his customers. 

    Art Galvanizing continues to follow these principles.

   Primarily focusing on Fasteners and Small Parts, Art Galvanizing has grown and processes a large variety of products including Structural Steel, Fabrications, Wire Products, and a variety of Stampings. Many of the items are unusual and difficult.

    Art Galvanizing operates two galvanizing lines. Both have kettles that are 12' L x 4' D x 28" W with centrifuge capabilities. Items up to 18' long can be accommodated by "Double-dipping". Organic coating removal and tumble shot blasting is also available.



Please contact us at:

3935 Valley Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
Phone: (216) 749-0020
Fax: (216) 749-0030

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